He Who Sleeps Dines

Monday November 9, 2015



London Fieldworks' He Who Sleeps Dines–a work originally made for Proboscis' Material Conditions (2011)–has been included in Unshelfmarked: Reconceiving the artists' book by Michael Hampton, published by Uniformbooks.

"The image sequence of He Who Sleeps Dines peddles discourse as story ... (London Fieldworks want domestic space to double as a lab for metacognitive research), a young scientist is slumped at his desk (a cautionary-tale of self-medication) photoshopped motor vehicles are protected under tarps (implying shut-down or 'colony collapse'). Molecular diagrams, memos and shopping lists of common pharmaceuticals trail the diminished oxidation of deep sleep..."

View and download the original work from Proboscis.

Photo by London Fieldworks: Medical Centre, Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, India (2006).