Telephone Without A Wire


Telephone Without A Wire catalogue published by Colégio das Artes de Universidade de Coimbra.

Available from Colégio das Artes de Universidade de Coimbra. ISBN 978-989-99717-6-9.

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Remote Performances in Nature and Architecture


Based on a series of residencies and radio broadcasts produced by London Fieldworks in collaboration with Resonance 104.4fm at Outlandia in Glen Nevis, the Remote Performances project enabled twenty invited artists to consider and engage in transmissions, sound performances and dialogues on their artmaking strategies immersed in this specific rural environment of mountain, forest and river; flora and fauna. Some artists engaged in dialogue with people living and working in the area with a range of specialisms and experience in, for examples, forestry, mountain culture, wildlife, tourism, and local history. This book explores the ways in which being in the field impacts on artists and permeates through to the artworks they create.

Hardback / 228 pages / Colour and b/w ills / ISBN: 9781472453914

Edited by Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson and Tracey Warr, originally published by Ashgate in association with Live Art Development Agency with contributions from: Bram Thomas Arnold, Ruth Barker, ED Baxter, Johny Brown, Clair Chinnery, Kirsteen Davidson Kelly, Benedict Drew, Alec Finlay, Malcolm Fraser, Niall Jacobson, Goodiepal, Sarah Kenchington, London Fieldworks and Mark Vernon, Lisa O'Brien, Lee Patterson, Michael Pedersen, Geoffrey Sample, Inga Tillere, Tracey Warr and Tony White.

Available from Routledge

NULL OBJECT: Gustav Metzger thinks about nothing


Using bespoke software, London Fieldworks produced 3D shape information from EEG readings of Metzger’s brainwaves as he attempted to think about nothing. This data was translated into instructions for a manufacturing robot, which carved out the shapes from the interior of a block of stone to create a void space. An introduction by the artists, a text by Gustav Metzger and four contextualising essays by writers across the fields of literature, art, science and technology explore the diverse historical and conceptual grounding for and broader implications of Null Object’s production process.

Paperback / 128 pages / Colour and b/w ills / ISBN 978 1 908966 12 4 / Published November 2012



Null Object Inside

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Thinking About Nothing


Giclée print on Hahnemühle paper 43.2cmx43.2cm. Signed, numbered and stamped edition of 40 + 1 AP.

Thinking About Nothing was created to coincide with the exhibition NULL OBJECT: Gustav Metzger thinks about nothing  at WORK, 30 November 2012–9 February 2013.

London Fieldworks 2012

He Who Sleeps Dines


He Who Sleeps Dines was made as part of the Material Conditions series of e-books, published by Proboscis. Summary: Extracts from notebooks and photo documentation evoking the strategy within nature of torpor or hibernation as a way of surviving limited resources and inhospitable environment; the speculation that hibernation is a latent ability in humans.
"The image sequence of He Who Sleeps Dines peddles discourse as story...London Fieldworks want domestic space to double as a lab for metacognitive research." (Unshelfmarked: Reconceiving the artists' book by Michael Hampton, published by Uniformbooks.)


He Who Sleeps Dines 4  

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A DVD and booklet published by Stour Valley Arts 2011
ISBN 978-0-9558719-3-1
Super Kingdom: Monarchy is the final project in a trilogy of installation and video works by London Fieldworks connecting myth and science, environmental cues and technological control. A full colour 28pp booklet incorporated into the jacket design includes two essays: The Daughters of Libya by Dr Susanna Paisley (March 2011) and Bees and Butterflies by Dr Dominic Rahtz (February 2011). The booklet also includes photography of the Super Kingdom installation in King's Wood by London Fieldworks.


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