Between Premonition and Knowledge

Installed in a woodland behind Loch Ruthven, Inverness, September, 2010, the project imagined the flight paths of birds as an augury, or omen, part of an ancient tradition of divination by birds. The installation consisted of three temporary, reconfigured timber bird hides, each hide functioning as a screening room displaying edited video shot in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. Playing across the frames of each of the reconfigured hides are representions of three contrasting conditions of birds we encountered in the rainforest: incarcerated song-birds; thermal riding raptors; an imaginary construct in the mind of a hunter. Commissioned by Arts Catalyst and hosted by the Highland institute of Contemporary Arts (HICA) as part of the third International Artists’ Airshow. Video still by London Fieldworks. Photography by Kristian Buus.


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