Time & Motion: Redefining Working Life

Time And Motion

Jeremy Myerson (Author, Editor), Emily Gee (Editor)

At a time of structural changes in the labour market, growing youth unemployment and sharp transitions in business practice to address global recession, the subject of rethinking working life is both relevant and timely. Time & Motion re-examines the relevance of our traditional notions of the eight-hour day, in particular the effects of digital technology on patterns of working life and on digital public space. Emerging from a collaboration between FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and the Royal College of Art's Creative Exchange (CX) Hub, Time & Motion will be required reading for anyone interested in the ways in which the digital revolution has altered the fabric of society.

LFW projects cited: Mindful Distractions (work in progress), Spacebaby, Hibernator, Null Object in Mind Over Matter, Bronac Ferran, pp.109-117.

Liverpool University Press