Remote Centres: Performances from Outlandia

As part of Edinburgh Arts Festival 2015, an architectural re-configuring of the Outlandia field-station plays host to performance and sound works originally created at Outlandia by 20 artists, poets, writers, musicians and members of the Nevis community. Largely contained within a sculptural environment inside the Tent Gallery, the exhibition featured a special presentation of East Lothian Hybrid by artist Clair Chinnery. Supported by Nevis Landscape Partnership and Edinburgh College of Art.

The performances and sound works were originally commissioned for Remote Performances, a series of radio broadcasts from Outlandia, co-produced by London Fieldworks and Resonance 104.4fm, with support from Arts Council England, the Nevis Landscape Partnership, Oxford Brookes University and Forestry Commission Scotland.

Images courtesy London Fieldworks and Clair Chinnery.


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